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      For 25+ years I've been playing and teaching traditional Irish music on a variety of instruments including the Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle, Wooden Flute, Anglo Concertina, and B/C-tuned Diatonic Button Accordion.

      My Tin Whistle Zoom tune teaching lesson recordings with PDF notation are available on a Free/Pay-What-You-Want basis.

      All lessons include the audio recording of the lesson, more recent lessons also include the Zoom video.

      In each lesson, I teach the tune phrase-by-phrase followed by discussion of ideas for ornamentation and variation.

      Any lesson listed with a price of "$0+" is available for free download.

      After clicking on the lesson you are interested in to bring up the product detail page, just enter a "0" into the "Name a fair price" box and click "Buy this".

      Please feel free to try a few lessons for free, and if you find them useful, please consider paying something for future lesson downloads.

      On this page you may also purchase, for a very reasonable price, my original 70+ Tin Whistle fast/slow tune teaching videos from 2005-2008 split into two volumes.

      For the B/C box players learning to play the bass side of the instrument for the first time, please check out my PDF tunebook including 52 tunes with full bass and chord annotation.

      I truly hope these recordings, books, and videos will assist you in your journey as a player of traditional Irish music!