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30 One-Hour Tin Whistle Tune Lessons + 70 Fast/Slow Tune Videos Bundle

Michael Eskin
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All 30 of my One-Hour Tin Whistle tune lessons + 70 of my original Tradlessons Fast/Slow tune videos in one discounted bundle!

These lessons are for the advancing intermediate player who already can play a few tunes on the tin whistle and wants to expand their repertoire of common traditional Irish sessions tunes as well as learn about ideas for ornamentation and variation.

In each one-hour tune lesson, I first play the tune up to speed, then slowly.

I then teach the tune phrase by phrase at a relaxed tempo, repeating each phrase multiple times, then combine phrases, then play entire parts, and finally the entire tune multiple times.

After teaching the tune, I then talk about possibilities for the use of ornamentation for the tune as I would play it in a session.

While the lessons refer to the notation (included as a PDF with each lesson), the lessons can either be done with use of the notation or completely by ear.

Please read my note below about the fastest way to download all the lessons and videos at one time!

Note: As of February 13th, 2022, if you purchase this bundle, the Gumroad option at checkout to download the whole set of files as one huge .zip file does not work because of an issue acknowledged by Gumroad support with their download service.

In addition, if you use the "Save to Dropbox" option, I have received reports of some issues there as well, but also reports of success. It just may take some time to perform the operation because of the large size of the files, or you might have to try multiple times. Both of these have been reported to Gumroad and hopefully they will fix them soon.

The fastest way to download all the lessons and videos:

In this bundle, I now have available zipped archives of all the lesson audio, video, and notations to simplify batch download. The individual files are still available if you prefer to get them one-at-a-time.

If you want to download all the videos, audio files, and notation all-at-once instead of one-at-a-time, all you need to do is just download the following seven .zip files individually, and then unzip them on your system:

Here's what is included:

18 One-hour Zoom Video and Audio Tune Lesson Recordings:

The Belfast (hornpipe)

Lark in the Morning (jig)

The Diamond (by Billy McComiskey) (waltz)

An Comhra Donn (hornpipe)

The Maho Snaps (jig)

The Donegal (reel)

The Swallowtail (jig)

The Munster / The Humours of Lisheen (jig)

Spórt (jig)

The Sally Gardens (reel)

The Tarbolton (reel)

Dance of the Honeybees (hornpipe)

The Milliner's Daughter (reel)

The Cook in the Kitchen (jig)

Father Kelly's (reel)

Hector the Hero (waltz)

Ballydesmond Polkas #2 and #3

Brosna / Star Above the Garter (slides)

13 One-hour Audio Tune Lesson Recordings:

The Sporting Pitchfork / The Rambling Pitchfork (jigs)

Comb Your Hair and Curl It / The Boys of Ballisodare (slip jigs)

Over the Moor to Maggie (reel)

The Fairies' (hornpipe)

Banish Misfortune (jig)

The Musical Priest (reel)

Off to California (hornpipe)

Harvest Home (hornpipe)

The Butterfly (slip jig)

Sí Beag Sí Mór (waltz)

Fermoy Lases (reel)

Out on the Ocean (jig)

Kesh (jig)

Note: One hour is approximate, lessons may be slightly more or less than one hour.

This bundle also includes all 70 of my Tradlessons Fast/Slow tune teaching videos from the early 2000s:

Banish Misfortune (jig)

Behind the Bush (slide)

Cooley's (reel)

Corney is Coming (reel)

Eddie Kelly's (jig)

Father Kelly's (reel)

Gallagher's Frolics (jig)

Gravel Walks (reel)

Haste To The Wedding (jig)

Humours Of Lisheen (jig)

I Buried My Wife (jig)

Jackie Coleman's (reel)

Jim McCormick's (reel)

Jim Ward's (jig)

Kesh (jig)

Kid On The Mountain (slip jig)

Kid on the Mountain (slip jig)

Lads Of Laois (reel)

Loch Erin Shore (waltz)

Maid At The Spinning Wheel (jig)

Maids Of Mt Kisco (reel)

Martin Wynne's #1 (reel)

Martin Wynnes #2 (reel)

Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife (slide)

Morrison's (jig)

O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick (slip jig)

Out On The Ocean (jig)

Over The Moor to Maggie (reel)

Rakish Paddy (reel)

Reverend Brother's Jig (jig)

Rolling in the Ryegrass (reel)

Sean Reid's (reel)

Sean Sa Ceo (reel)

Star of Munster (reel)

Taimse im' Chodladh (air)

Temperance (reel)

The Baltimore Salute (reel)

The Banshee (reel)

The Boys Of Malin (reel)

The Butterfly (slip jig)

The Clougher (reel)

The Coach Road to Sligo (jig)

The Cock and the Hen (slip jig)

The Concert Reel (reel)

The Cook In The Kitchen (jig)

The Coolea (jig)

The Crooked Road (reel)

The Donegal Lasses (jig)

The Dublin Reel (reel)

The Flax In Bloom (reel)

The Fly In The Porter (jig)

The Hunters Purse (reel)

The Knotted Cord (reel)

The Lads of Laois (reel)

The Miller of Drohan (reel)

The Morning Thrush (reel)

The Musical Priest (reel)

The New Mown Meadow (reel)

The Old Torn Petticoat (reel)

The Piper's Despair (reel)

The Silver Spear (reel)

The Sporting Pitchfork (jig)

The Virginia (reel)

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (reel)

The Wonder Hornpipe (hornpipe)

Tom Billy's Jig (jig)

Toss the Feathers (E Dor) (reel)

Trip to Durrow (reel)

Willie Coleman's (jig)

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You'll receive the one-hour recordings of phrase-by-phrase teaching of 30 tunes plus a PDF file of the notation. 13 of the earlier lessons were audio only, the most recent 17 are video and audio. You'll also receive 70 additional short .mp4 video files of tunes played one time up-to-speed then slowly. Both individual files as well as zipped archives of the files are available for download.


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30 One-Hour Tin Whistle Tune Lessons + 70 Fast/Slow Tune Videos Bundle

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